Free Website Accessibility Health Check

How accessible is your website?

Accessibility is very important to us and we hope it is to you too. For this reason, we offer a free website accessibility health check to everyone who wants one, and this will tell you exactly how accessible your website really is.

We use both automated and user testing methods to assess your website, and will first look at the quality of the code, based on the standards set out in the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG), searching for errors that are buried in the code and will affect how useable the site is.

Next, user testing will assess how usable your content is, and how well the site has been set up to work with assistive technology.  The benefit of having our testers give you real-life feedback that it’s the best way of finding out if there are problems in the user interface and design.

Once the check is complete, we will produce a mini report outlining a few key issues, offering you support and advice on how to ensure your site meets the guidelines.

Public sector bodies have a responsibility to ensure their services are accessible and the public sector legislation governing this was passed in September 2018.To receive your free accessibility health check, fill in the form below.

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Free Accessibility Health Check
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