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Shaw Trust Accessibility - Digital Marketing - HeX Productions


After a period of discussion about the strategic development and delivery of an accessibility product together, digital accessibility assessors, Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, asked us to for help with the maintenance and marketing of their website. With acquisition and customer retention the main focus, we developed a plan to improve the SEO, simplifying the customer journey and improving the showcase of impressive knowledge held within the team.


HeX approached this from a collaborative point of view, ensuring that everything that was implemented was up to standard. Planning the strategy with the Head of Projects, Technical Manager and Sales Manager, we were able to understand what the wider team desired and implemented it. In particular, writing technical, keyword-driven blogs, social media management on existing accounts, SEO, PPC and website improvements.


While still working with Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, we have been able to vastly improve the customer journey on the website and point potential clients to areas that are of interest. Similarly, we have effectively worked with Google's AdWords Grant and put together a detailed PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign based on the restriction of the grant. Some blogs were created and used as material for the PPC campaigns and alongside the ongoing social media management.

A little more detail…

Shaw Trust Accessibility Services were initially introduced to HeX during the accessibility testing of a clients’ website. We were invited down to the premises of the Accessibility Services team to see how disabled users used the website that we had been consulting on. Since then, we’ve been working on a collaborative product with them, allowing us to offer an end-to-end solution to create an accessible website. However, in the meantime, they needed some support in maintaining their current website and delivering a marketing strategy.

Managing the process

At first, it was about coming together as one team and understanding what the team at Shaw Trust wanted, and what kind of engagement they desired from their customers. Once this had been recognised, it was important to gauge the level of interaction that their team members had with the marketing and maintenance activities. Realising that they wanted a hands-on and proactive approach, we set up a central communication area using Trello,  allowing us to collaborate on marketing and development strategies, building them into a plan to deliver together.

Social media

Social media was a simple approach, taking much of the content that was already on the Shaw Trust AS website, whether it was stats and insights or service information, developing social content was effective and shared by some highlighted industry experts. The decision was made to follow a number of essential accessibility influencers or people who were expected to need accessibility service. The targeted approach to social media has worked well, and the Accessibility Services gained followers from those key groups that had been targeted.

Blogs and SEO

When it came to writing the blogs, it was essential to plan the approach from an SEO and PPC point of view first, working out what keywords could be used in the blogs to benefit the PPC campaign and boost SEO. Our SEO expert came up with some keywords that were popular search terms in the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services’ sector. Our content experts then worked on the blog title, and content, in December, before pitching the drafted blogs to the Shaw Trust to ensure they were technically accurate.

Working on the PPC campaign

Once the blogs were signed off by the Accessibility Service, we were able to work with the Google Adwords Grant and create effective landing pages for the PPC campaign. The Adwords grant gives charities and social enterprises a budget of $10,000 per month to spend on Google advertising. There are many hurdles involved with the implementation of the Google Ad grant campaigns, with restrictions set by Google on the length and spend per keyword, this required constant editing and management by HeX’s SEO experts.

Having begun managing the PPC campaign in August, we were able to assess what was currently working and what wasn’t in the first month. Having implemented changes, such as adding new focus keywords and landing pages on the site, we saw a significant increase. September compared to August saw a 233% increase in paid traffic. Thanks to the constant development of the PPC and SEO campaigns for Accessibility Services, in six months we have been able to increase page views by 42% and paid traffic by 182% compared to the previous six months.

Social media results

On a social media side of things, the channels were beginning to grow, with more and more people were interacting with tweets and LinkedIn posts. In the first month, we managed to raise Twitter followers by more than 7% and increased LinkedIn engagements by 50%. Following on from this successful implementation of our social media strategies, we discussed the creation of alternative social media channels with the team. It was decided that LinkedIn and Twitter were optimal for the audience of the Accessibility Service, and any diversification into other social channels was not an immediately valuable strategy.

Working with Shaw Trust Accessibility Services

Throughout the time working with the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services, our project manager frequently liaises with their Head of Projects to report back on the marketing and maintenance that we have carried out and develop further points of improvement or development.

Our work with the Accessibility Services brand has yielded incredibly positive results. In initial conversations, the Sales Manager was struggling to get leads through the website; however, six months later he is now being inundated with hits from the site — a demonstration of how SEO and multi-channel marketing can positively impact a business.

We look forward to the continuation of the Shaw Trust Accessibility Services maintenance and marketing and hope to develop strategies that will allow the acquisition of increased clients month-on-month.

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